Policies and Rules for LTP Tennis

- Members may reserve 1 tennis court or platform court for a maximum of 1.5 hours one week in advance.  To book a court, members can call the clubhouse front desk or use the LTP Priority Online Booking System. Members are charged $10 when playing with non-members.

Players must check in the clubhouse front desk office before going to a court.  Courts that may have already been assigned may change to accommodate more members.

- Members must let the LTP staff know if guests will be playing on their court.  Guest fees are $10 per day.  Same guest 1x per month regardless of member host. If we are not notified in the office that a member is playing with a guest, the member's account will be charged $25.00.

- Members will be charged up to $15 for not cancelling court reservations within 24 hour grace period.  To cancel your reservation, go to LTP Tennis Online Booking System or call the clubhouse at 843-388-0898.

- Please show courtesy to your fellow members and guests by being on time for court reservations. Members who show up late may lose their court and their account may be charged. Again, don't hesitate to call the clubhouse for court reservation inquiries

- Due to LTP being a member only club, all registered players of LTP/USTA league teams are required to have a current LTP membership for the entirety of the league’s season.

- It is the captain’s responsibility to update seasonal roster information with LTP management and have all members of said team comply with LTP rules and regulations. Captions must inform all players under current season roster of these rules and regulations.

- It is also the captain’s responsibility to ensure that all players on roster are current active LTP members. If an individual does not hold an LTP membership and is playing for an LTP/USTA league team without a current membership the captain of the team will be penalized with a two season suspension from captaining at LTP club and fined $150.00. IT IS UP TO THE CAPTAIN TO REPORT ANY NON-MEMBERS TO THE CLUB MANAGER.